Lesson Planning Masterclass for ESL Teachers!

Upgrade your lesson planning game without spending countless hours - plan an entire month's lessons for your ESL beginners!

Join Ieva Grauslys from simplyieva.com for this two-part workshop.

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Hey, ESL teacher! Feel like you have no idea about how to create first month's lesson plans for your ESL beginners?

Your principal said:

~ you're the expert

~ make it happen!

~ your job is to support them, we don't have a curriculum!

You smiled, said "yes", and thought:

~ Where do I even begin planning?

~ What do I teach?

~ How long do I stick with a topic/skill/language domain before moving forward?

And (oh gosh!)

~ how do I know they are learning?

If this sounds way too familiar, it is time to take matters into your own hands!

The truth is... many ESL teachers struggle with planning their lessons for ESL beginners. Especially if you are a new(er) ESL teacher or one without a curriculum to follow.

If not addressed, you’re facing more of the same old, my friend:

  • haphazard teaching of skills that take longer to stick
  • countless hours spent looking for materials
  • your own sanity goes and disillusionment sets in

If you are reading this, I know you are a compassionate and caring teacher, who wants to make a change in their teaching and the beginner/newcomer ESL students' lives.

The question is: HOW?

The answer: Map out and plan your first month's lessons for ESL beginners

After completing this lesson planning masterclass you will know

  • What your overall teaching goal should be
  • How to narrow it down to daily lessons
  • Exactly what to focus on in each lesson
  • The best way to measure success
  • And most importantly - you'll feel more organized and confident!

Maybe you’ve tried planning out before. But then you got lost in the maze of tips, tricks and quick fixes promised on the internet. 

Maybe you’ve never tried planning for an entire month because just the thought of doing it came crashing down on you like an avalanche.

In either case, you’re in the right place!

I want in!

I liked the idea of time blocks for planning and learning about language and content objectives. I'm motivated to get planning for the semester.

— Katie C.

3 myths that are killing your newcomer teaching mojo

#1 No time to plan

❤️ The truth is, you have the same amount of time every day. How can you make it work for you?

#2 No newcomer curriculum

❤️ The truth is, while content is important, so is your connection with the students.

# 3 “I have to know it all to plan"

❤️ The truth is, you don't need to teach them everything at once! 

When you slow down, adjust your mindset, and seriously decide to map out your first month, you can then do so for the next month, and the next, and the next…

Until you have a full year’s worth of lessons! And feel even more confident in your ability to teach English to those who are just starting out. 

I'm ready

Introducing the Map Out Your First Month with ESL Beginners Masterclass!

 You get my personal expertise in a 2-hour training where I teach you, step-by-step, how to successfully plan your first month of teaching ESL beginners/newcomers. I will make sure you walk away confident in your own abilities to take your students from zero English to feeling comfortable in their new school. 

The Map Out ESL Masterclass is a first of its kind because

✅ It is laser-focused on simplifying your lesson planning system

✅ It teaches you what is most important when planning for newcomers

✅ Is built specifically for new ESL teachers and those who work in school districts with no ESL curriculum

Here is what you will find inside our masterclass

Session 1


  • Mindset shift
  • Organization hacks 
  • Lesson planning for ELLs - helpful tips about objectives

✅ The mind mapping method for lesson planning

Session 2

✅ Lesson planning in action

Create your lesson plans through a step-by-step process

Modifying for mixed proficiency classrooms

I want to take this masterclass

"I loved Ieva's organizational strategy of mapping out a month's worth of planning! I can't wait to get started planning!"

- Amanda D.

"I would recommend this masterclass, particularly if they new to ESL teaching, have been out of the classroom environment for some time or anyone wishing to refresh their skills before returning to school."

- Rebecca C.

Here is what you are getting in this masterclass

2 hours of laser-focused step-by-step instruction on how to map out and plan your first month of teaching ESL beginners

2-hour professional development certificate for the time spent bettering yourself as an educator

1  workbook for note-taking and planning out your lessons

And two exciting bonuses!

Scope and sequence for August-June to help you plan your lessons

Action verb cheat sheet to help you zero in on your teaching objectives.

When you do the math, it is a total value of over $300!

How do I take the masterclass?

The training is available online on the ThriveCart platform. Once you sign up, you will receive a link to create your account to access it.

Watch it any time on your computer, laptop, iPad or phone. Access it any time inside your Teachable account.

Leave confident in your own lesson planning ability and feeling organized and come back to this masterclass any time you need a refresher.

Meet Ieva.

I am an ESL teacher, teaching consultant, and owner of simplyieva.com and The ESL Teaching Roadmap, where I provide help to busy ESL teachers with ready-made resources, actionable tips, and meaningful coaching.

I have been a teacher for over 14 years and have worked with English learners at various stages of their English learning journey. As a former English learner myself, I bring my background and unique perspectives to the classroom and am able to simply and easily connect with both ESL students and educators alike. 

I firmly believe that the best teacher is one who constantly learns and therefore you can find me feeding my curiosity by learning from people, books, and travels.

I am super passionate about teaching English and helping others do so, too! 

ESL beginner teaching

What others are saying about working with Ieva

"Thank you for wonderful training, you are an inspiring instructor! The content is well organized and so rich."

- Mona H.

"It was one of the best trainings that I have attended. It took a lot of the confusion about teaching ESL students out of my day to day. Thanks for the comments about not having to be perfect!."

- Patti Y.

"Excellent suggestions! You are giving me encouragement that I needed as well as specific ideas. Thanks for your help!"

- Roger H.


We've got A's for your Q's

How long do I have access to this workshop?

This workshop will be uploaded into a teachable.com portal, where you create an account during your check out. This workshop is yours and will "live" in that portal along with the workbook so you can easily access it whenever you need it. 

Is it for traditional learning or online?

Many of us have learned to teach not only in person but also online. In whatever capacity you are serving the students you're still going to need a plan for it.

That's what we are going to do during this workshop - map out your first month's lessons, and how they could look if you need to teach not only ESL beginners but also mixed proficiency classes as well as support regular education teachers.

Will I get a PD certificate and for how many hours?

You will receive a Professional Development certificate for 2 hours of your time spent on mapping out the lessons for your ESL students.

What standards is this going to be aligned to?

During this workshop, we will be focusing on WIDA standards.  

What if I have questions about the workshop?

We welcome questions and feedback. Email us at hello@simplyieva.com and we will make sure to address your questions as soon as we are able to.

Take the masterclass. Change your life.


2 hours of laser-focused step-by-step instruction on how to map out your first month of teaching ESL newcomers


2-hour professional development certificate for the time spent bettering yourself as an educator


1  workbook for note taking and planning out your lessons

And two exciting bonuses!

A year-long scope and sequence

Action verb cheat sheet to help you zero in on your teaching objectives.

Is this masterclass right for me?

It is for you if you...

are a new(er) ESL teacher

don't know where to begin planning your lessons

don't have a curriculum

would like more clarity on including language and content objectives

want to be ready for the beginning of the school year

teach middle and high school ESL

want to feel like you are in control of lesson planning

It is not for you if you...

have lots of experience in lesson planning

are an expert in adding language and content objectives to your lessons

have a curriculum you must follow

are already ready for the beginning of the school year

teach elementary ESL

you don't have access to the internet, or smartphone/tablet/computer


Session 1 Introduction and background

Session 2 Lesson planning in action

I'm in!